What is the true value of your marketing?

Does Google Analytics tell the whole story?

Are some marketing channels more influential than others?

The world has changed. This is the era of Multi-marketing. Marketing is now multi-channel, multi-touch, multi-everything.
A pie chart of your top 4 acquisition channels is just not relevant anymore.

of click-throughs & conversions by channel
360° View
of customer
FULL Picture
of every marketing event they’ve touched
with record of every conversion
Omni Channel
true multi-touch attribution
decisions based on data
The new era is weighted attribution reporting. Its sophisticated effectiveness lags specific to the medium. It measures across and between campaigns. It factors all events, and balances multiple channels. The new era reports most valuable paths across channels. And it does it all without the data paralysis that comes from trying to be everything to everyone. The new era is the Marketing Performance Plugin.

Know the true value of your campaigns and channels